About Us

Hi, and welcome to Attraction Jewelry.


Attraction Jewelry is run by two personal development enthusiasts (Andrew Bert and Louise O.). 

In Andrew’s ‘day job’ he works as a videographer, photographer, and video editor. He films with some of the world’s most renowned authors and speakers in the personal development industry and is passionate about enjoying life to the fullest. 

Louise has been a ‘law of attraction’ enthusiast since the age of 23, when a friend of his father’s gave her Jack Canfield’s book ‘The Succes Principles’, where she learned to harness the power of the law of attraction to retune his destiny towards success and abundance. Louise’s mottos in life are “To help other people’s to make their lives better” and “To love all living creatures!”

Why An Attraction Necklace?

We believe that our Attraction Jewelry, combined with the 2 incredible bonuses (Wealth Secrets & Manifestation Meditation Track), is the ultimate accessory for any Law of Attraction enthusiast. It serves as a reminder of your 7 chakras, each color representing a different form of energy, and keeps you balanced and focused towards your key dreams that you want to manifest. 

The audio track that comes with this, is embedded with Delta Level Binaurals, designed to help force your mind into a deep, relaxing level of meditation, which has far reaching benefits to many areas of your life.